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     Welcome to Lurate CPA Firm, LLC, which provides Contract CFO Services, Accounting Services, and Consulting Services to small businesses, organizations, nonprofits, private schools and churches in Mississippi.
      Every small or closely held business or organization has inherent accounting, operations and back office needs.  Every owner has a choice in deciding how these needs will be met.  Instead of expending valuable time, energy, and money to meet these needs, the owner has the option of working with a Contract CFO, which allows the owner to maximize his or her resources to lead the company.   (Please refer to the Newsworthy tab of this website for more information about the Contract CFO).   Whether the role of a Contract CFO is large or small, the owner receives the expertise and experience of a highly qualified CFO without the expense or commitment of hiring a full-time employee.

      I recently formed Lurate CPA Firm to provide solutions to small and closely-held businesses and organizations and their owners through a unique perspective typically not found in the accounting world.  I have worked in small business ranging from start-up to mature for 25 years and have served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for much of that time.  Through being part of a diverse group of companies, I have gained valuable insight into the true essence of a small business and what actually makes it succeed.  This gives me the ability to evaluate a small business to explain to the owner where the company is and where it can go. 

I have also observed that apart from hiring a full-time CFO, there is no single-source option available which provides small business experience from a highly qualified CFO as well as the appropriate accounting background.  Whether your company needs a Contract CFO, Accounting Services, Private School/Nonprofit/Church Services or Consulting Services, Lurate CPA Firm offers the combined experience and expertise to provide solutions specific to your small business.  

      I hope you find this website beneficial.  If you would like to find out more about how Lurate CPA Firm can provide solutions for your small business, please contact me.  

Yerger Lurate, CPA

Mississippi CPA License #6099
Mississippi CPA Firm Permit #F1416

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